Durabuild ACP
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Aluminium Composite Panels have opened up a world of tremendous possibilities for architects to explore faster and better finishes for exteriors and interiors of the buildings.

Aluminium Composite Panels have emerged as a material of choice for surface finishing due to its inherent qualities such as lightweight, modern finish, ease of installation, weatherproof coatings and evolved workability.

Durabuild Aluminium Composite Panels consist of two aluminium sheets, permanently bonded to a non toxic and recyclable thermoplastic core. Bonding is achieved by both chemical and mechanical action, which gives extra bond integrity to the panels. Durabuild Aluminium Composite Panels are available in various shades, finishes, widths and thicknesses.


The ideal finishing material:
Facades of any building old or new could be transformed to a clean, modern look, using Durabuild ACP’s. They can be easily used along with other finishing materials and provide uniform finish across spans. Durabuild ACP’s offer colour consistency, flatness, rigidity, weather resistance features & ease in maintenance.

Shape your dream designs:
Durabuild ACP’s are flat yet easily workable for bends and curvatures for modern facades and plush interiors. With Polymer Core inside, Durabuild ACP’s can be easily cut, routed and bent to almost any shape.

Unleash your imagination:
A trained fabricator can easily work on site with minimum fabrication tools and produce forms that you can imagine. Speedy installation cuts down the crucial lead times, thereby saving time and money.

Ease of maintenance:
The panels can be easily maintained in almost any kind of climate through normal wash with water and mild detergent thereby ensuring long lasting performance.

Eco friendly:
Durabuild ACP’s are completely recyclable and non- toxic, thus contributing to a clean and pollution free environment.

Wide colour range:
Durabuild offers an extensive bouquet of colours in ACP’s. These popular shades have been developed after extensive customer research and current colour styles in vogue. Durabuild also offers customised theme colours – ‘Colour Play’. Customer designs are created on the ACP’s through a state of art printing process.

Wide network
A nationwide network of Durabuild distributors, dealers and channel partners ensure the availability of material at a point nearest to you.

Prompt service
Durabuild with its technically qualified and trained sales team facilitates and guides you on the selection of the right product for your application.

Technical support
Durabuild has a team of trained technicians to assist and solve any complex installation problem or minimizing your wastage and to extend help on application.

Authorised fabricator
Durabuild trained and authorized fabricators (DUTAF), help you in hassle free, timely and quality installation.

True gauge
Durabuild delivers what is promised, right thickness of the panel & aluminium skin.

ACP product offering

Durabuild offers a very wide range of ACP’s

Standard Width : 1250 mm
Optional Width : Custom upto 1575 mm
Standard Length : 2440 mm, 3050mm, 3660mm
Optional Length : Custom-made upto 6100 mm
Standard Thickness : 3mm, 4mm
Optional Thickness : 2 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm